Commercial Cleaning

Make A great First Impression With Clean Carpets

Commercial carpet cleaning Winnipeg

A clean carpet makes a good impression for your business

Winnipeg businesses and offices need to have their carpets cleaned as well. Aside from maintaining a professional appearance, clean carpet also improves the air quality making your employees more productive.

The challenges that face a professional carpet cleaner in a commercial setting is a lot different from residential carpet cleaning. First of all, commercial grade carpets are typically made up from a different fiber altogether. secondly, very few people coming into a commercial setting will remove there footwear. That means completely different soiling altogether.

The stains are different as well. You will have coffee stains, toner from copiers and printers, and even white lines from salt tracked in from outside. Some of the other stains that we have come across, are roofing tar, asphalt, cooking oils and spilled foods and beverages from restaurants, even paint.

Now because you have different types of carpet fiber, different types of soils and stains, a slightly different approach is needed to effectively clean a commercial carpet. At the same time, the procedure to clean a law office at the top floor of an office building, would be completely different from the procedure used to clean a high traffic restaurant carpet.

The following pictures, show a dramatic difference possible when the right carpet cleaning application is applied to the right situation

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