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A lot of Winnipeg carpet cleaners do not use a truck mounted carpet cleaning system. They will use an electric portable machine. At Cutting Edge Carpet Cleaners we use both. The truck mounted carpet cleaning plant will be used generally any time its possible to do so. The portable carpet cleaner is used for secure locations and apartment carpet cleaning that we can’t use the truck mounted steam cleaner for.

With our top of the line dual heat exchanger truckmounted steam cleaner we can reach temperatures as high as 230 degrees and can extract significantly more water during our carpet cleaning process.This means your carpet will be cleaner, dry faster and we can use less cleaning solutions to get these results.

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Getting results like the ones above all starts with preparing your carpet for cleaning. A powerful preconditioning agent is sprayed onto the carpet. It breaks down the bonds that holds the sticky soil to your carpet, separating them from the fibers, and preparing them to be flushed out.

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At that point we turn on our truck mounted steam cleaning system. This carpet cleaning system is powered by the engine in our van. More power than any electric cord can provide. That power heats the water to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, pumps the water at high pressure, and the vacuum blower that pulls all the water and dirt out of your carpet and home, and into a holding tank in our van.

With a truck mount we don’t use your electricity. What we do is give you clean, beautiful carpets, fast. Fast because we don’t have to fill and dump a little machine. Fast because we are not working with under powered carpet cleaning equipment.

Helpful Advice for Freshly Cleaned Carpets

  • AVERAGE DRY TIMES are 6-8 hours however it may take as long as 24 hours for carpets to fully dry, especially under furniture and in areas where airflow is restricted.
  • KEEP FURNITURE off carpet until it is dry. Wood and metal objects need to be elevated from carpet to prevent furniture damage and staining of carpet
  • USE EXTREME CAUTION when walking on carpet that remains slightly damp from cleaning, as it will be a slip hazard. This is particularly the case when going from a carpeted surface to a hard surface.
  • PLEASE KEEP PETS off carpet until it fully dries. Animals have natural oils on their skin and coats that will compromise the freshly cleaned smell and appearance of your carpet.
  • PLEASE INSPECT the carpet or furniture after it has dried. If you notice areas of concern please contact us within 24 to 48 hours of cleaning to resolve the problem at (204) 979-3576


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